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I invite you to discover my website
My designs, by their colors, their transparence and their material are original, because unique.
I thread the pearls in a harmonious manner in a brass stem, and then the fibula takes shape…
And thanks to a secured edge, it remains in position on the clothes.
It is a real pleasure to work in my workshop, and to show my designs in crafts and arts exhibitions, clothes shops, hairdressing salons…
The fibula, it’s like a Miss who adorns herself with her more beautiful costumes for charming
Just a come-back…, few years at the Beaux Arts in Paris, graduated at Esmod School in Paris, I have kicked off my arts and crafts activities.
Crush I had on an antique fibula…, why can’t I create some by myself?
I decided to bring up-to-date the fibula, and to adapt it to the new fashion, by choosing noble materials such as glass pearls of Murano…
As each brooch is unique, exceptional, elegant, and I am rewarded in my work which is a true passion.